Railway stations Russia: Novosibirsk

Station station Novosibirsk-Main was passed by the State Commission granted January 25, 1939.

In 1997-2000, was completed overhaul of the building designed by the institute "Sibzheldorproekt." Updated facades, for walls and floors were used natural materials — granite and marble. In 2005, the south of the main station building built suburban pavilion. It can be accessed from the station square, Shamshurina from the street and from the subway, covered pedestrian bridge connects the station building to the passenger platforms and Vladimirovskaya street. In 2011, the suburban train station turnstiles into effect for the passage to the commuter trains. To go to Vladimirovskaya street across the railroad built a special bypass bridge.

Total area — 30,343 square meters. m, ramp — 3.7 thousand square meters. m, one-time capacity — 4000 people. This is a complex technical structure is designed for annual maintenance of 16 million passengers. TTH: Area of premises — 30,000 sq. m, capacity lounges — 4000, 8 platforms (14 tracts), underground and above-ground 2 transition.


Suburban Station:

Subway station "Ploshchad Garin-Mikhailovsky" (aka Train station)

Railway Station Square:

more pics here:http://fotki.yandex.ru/us…lionsk/view/223684?page=5 

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