Railway stations Russia: Samara

The first railway station in Samara was built in 1876, it operated 120 years. The total area of the old station is 3380 m?, Capacity — 980 people, average daily capacity — 1700 people a day, and useful area for one passenger — a little more than one square meter.

Construction of the new station was launched in the summer of 1996. 1st launch facility May 25, 1999 the opening of the 1st stage of the complex station — concourse. It is located a comfortable waiting room, equipped with elevators, electronic and visual light information, Pa., city and long-distance telephone service. To ensure the safety of installed 155 cameras. In December 1999, was put into operation a modern pedestrian tunnel, which is over 240 m He linked the station square with all of the platform station. 2nd start-up complex June 3, 2000 was commissioned 2nd start-up complex, which houses the hotel. Third launch facility The construction of the first phase of station 24 December 2001 opening of the third launch facility — the altitude of the station building. Here there are: the service center lobby, waiting rooms passengers, a cultural center with a video room, facilities administration, and technical service station.

At present, the total area of the railway station with a viewing platform is more than 32,000 square meters, of which the interior space — 25 000 m². Living space per passenger long-distance — 5.6 m³. Bandwidth station — 11.8 thousand people a day, at the same time station can accommodate more than 2,600 people. Every day the station receives more than 16,000 passengers

In the future, the construction of the second line of the Samara Metro planned construction of the metro station "Train station"

TTX Square area — 32000 sq. m, capacity lounges — 2600, capacity — 12,000 people a day, 6 +2 platform (11 +3 track), overhead crossing

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