Railway stations Russia: Tyumen

The building complex was built in Tyumen Railway Station in October 1974.

In 2003, began its reconstruction, which lasted until February 2010.

Reconstruction of the eastern part of the station was conducted almost four years. Difficulties in carrying out the work were many. Builders had to completely remove the old utilities in the absence of technical documentation for them. Work on the reconstruction of the pedestrian crossing to the platforms is hampered by high ground water level is just at the point where the building station. In addition, already under construction in the project had to make some serious adjustments in order to subsequently during operation to ensure optimal system operation station and create a comfortable environment for passengers.

After the reconstruction of the eastern part of the Tyumen Station has more. Builders have expanded the building 10 meters towards landside (similar to the cash room.) Now the area waiting rooms increased to 8,300 square meters. m contour of the building is closed, and stained glass windows. Made decorating the facade of waiting rooms and 9-story office building. Major work was carried out inside the building. There is a fully updated on-site utilities (heating, sewage, water supply). Completed installation of integrated automation system, which includes information and reference support, communications, power supply and ventilation. This system will ensure a smooth process, as well as safe and comfortable passenger service train station.

After the redevelopment areas in waiting rooms will be about 1,500. Before the reconstruction capacity of halls was two times less. In addition to the existing premises at Tyumen station appeared hall for official delegations, mother and child room, coffee shop.

TTH: Area of premises 8,300 sq. m, capacity 1500 people waiting rooms, 3 platforms (5-way), underground and overhead crossings photos:

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