Railway stations Russia: Ufa

Ufa train station station was built in 1968.
In May 2006 he began his rehabilitation.
The first phase of the reconstructed station was opened on December 17, 2008. Earlier station contained in itself the order of 2 million people, now there will be able to safely accommodate more than 6 thousands of potential passengers.
Total area of the railway station 26.5 thousand square meters. m, Station Square — 9.3 thousand square meters. m were demolished dilapidated homes, garages and other buildings were located opposite the railway station and next to him.
Changed the station waiting room, while the main building appeared insertion and passenger crossing above the track. Under the ceiling of the building installed heaters, which provide a flow of heat from above, and in the window sills are built special heaters that do not allow to freeze panes.
In the building of the station passengers now raise escalators for the disabled and passengers with small children will earn three elevators and a tram stop people covered walkway delivers horizontal escalator (travelator).
pictures under the cut
Now, the process of reconstruction: the second phase of construction, an underground tunnel under the tracks is to continue its strikes on — to the fourth platform.
Platforms also be transformed. New railway regulations require that the court could take the passenger train no less than 22 cars. Now, when in Ufa come elongated long-distance trains, their "tails" are outside the platform.
TTX Square area — 26500 sq.m., capacity — 6000 people a day, 4 platform (7putey), overhead crossing, underpass.

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