Railways in the I half bought 387 locomotives

In the I half-year 2013 on the railway network of JSC "Russian Railways" has received 387 new locomotives, the press service of the carrier. The volume of investments amounted to 38.8 billion rubles.

  • 2ES10 "Granite"
  • 2ES10 "Granite"

This year, the company‘s investment program provides for the purchase of an unprecedented since the establishment of the number of locomotives — 770 units for a total of 77.6 billion rubles.

Among the acquired locomotives — DC electric freight locomotives with asynchronous traction drive 2ES10 "Granite" (18 pcs.), AC electric freight 2ES5K (4 pcs.), Electric freight DC 2ES6 "Ekaterinburg" (50 pcs.), AC electric freight locomotives current 3ES5K "Ermak" (67 pcs.), electric freight DC 2ES4K "Donchak" (20 pcs.), freight locomotives with asynchronous traction drive 2TE25A "Vityaz" (5 pcs.) freight locomotives 2TE116U (44 pcs.) and 2TE116UD with diesel General Electric (5 pcs.).

Also purchased 13 passenger electric locomotive EP20 dual-voltage, 24 passenger dc electric EP2K, 20 passenger electric AC EP1 (M, L), 16 passenger locomotives TEP70BS.

In addition, the park shunting locomotives joined the company 79 locomotives TEM18D, 9 TEM18V locomotives with diesel Finnish company Wartsila, 9 TEM7 locomotives, locomotive 4 TEM14 with dvuhdizelnoy power plant.

Just park the company now — more than 20 thousand locomotives.

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