Railways ordered 40 of the main turbine-GT1h

In SPIEF-2012 Sinara Group President Dmitry Pumpyanskiy and president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin signed an agreement on the organization of production and supply of main turbine-GT1h fueled by natural gas.
Under the agreement Sinara Group is committed in time to 2020 to produce and transmit JSC "Russian Railways" 40 main turbine-new generation GT1h.
The agreement provides that the harmonization of the schedule and the specific provisions of the program for the production and supply of turbine-GT1h 2020 will be carried out in the contract for their supply. The contract for the supply of a prototype locomotive will be concluded before August 1, 2012, and for the supply of 39 units — up to January 1, 2015 Funding for the project to develop the design documentation of the locomotive will be at the expense of JSC "Russian Railways".
Production of turbine-will be organized by JSC "Lyudinovskiy Diesel Locomotive Plant" (LTZ is a divisional holding company "Ekaterinburg — Transport Machines"). Certification locomotives will be made in the Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport in conjunction with number of VNIKTI. "
Trunk GT1h gas turbine power 8500 kW is designed to operate on non-electrified areas of railways, particularly in the areas of Siberia and the Far North, driving freight trains increased length and weight. Gas turbine will consist of two sections, equipped with control cabs. In one section of the power plant should be located in the second section located adequate supply of fuel. As an independent source of energy in the locomotive will be used by a gas turbine engine of domestic production. The main advantages of this type of engine is a large power at smaller dimensions and cost associated with the use of cheaper compared to diesel fuel, liquefied natural gas.

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