Railways uses composite reinforcing pillars in contact network

instead of metal

JSC "Russian Railways" continues to introduce products portfolio company RUSNANO and the other nanoproizvoditeley in railway infrastructure.

In 2013, the Railways is planning a number of innovations, such as the installation of catenary poles made of composite materials, which produces Nanotechnology Center composites.
The data point of contact network support made the project company RUSNANO "Galen" and nanotechnology centers composites created with the participation of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs and the Holding Company "Composite". The first batch of supports, reinforced composite rebar, Nanotechnology Center production of composites is already installed on the stretch of railway "Pavlovsky Posad Electrogorsk" as well as the station "Lublin". Support of "Galen" have been tested and are scheduled for installation in the near future.

Transition to the use of composite reinforcement in catenary poles instead of the metal due to, primarily, its resistance to corrosion and adverse weather conditions. Such support does not require special maintenance, environmentally friendly and durable. These factors are especially important in view of the vast extent of Russian railways, most of which passes through areas with extreme climatic conditions.
Another promising area of application of composite materials on the railway — the creation of the suspension catenary. Unlike traditional elements, analogs of composite material does not require electrical isolation, which simplifies their installation and maintenance. In the first quarter of 2013 it is planned to complete testing of the suspension created by nanotechnology centers of composites and the company "Galen".

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