Rain floods in the Magadan region

August 20, 2013. According to the Kolyma CGMS, from 17 to 20 August, as expected, in the Magadan region fell from 120 mm to 204 mm of rain. In just the past day Day 19 — Night on August 20 at the Magadan region, heavy rains have brought up to 52 mm, in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to 18 mm. The reason for the heavy rains began active cyclone, which was handed to the regular rains came in from the south of the Far East, then crossed the Sea of Okhotsk, and went out on the coast of the Magadan region.

Heavy rains have caused floods in the rivers Magadan region. Aug. 20 due to flooding in several areas of the region declared a state of emergency at the regional level. Flooded a number of settlements Yagodinskaya, Susumansk and Tenkinskogo areas. The only way to many villages of the "Kolyma" turned out to be unsuitable for travel. Completely cut off from the world Susuman city, towns Berry and Ust-Omchu. They sent rescuers and equipment delivered to the food.

Gradually the storm subsided, though in the next few days in the Magadan region is not without rain, but they are mainly to be small, at night in places with snow, except for the Ola area south Khasynsky District, Coast and North Even Omsukchansky areas. At night, sometimes freezing up? 2 °. Daytime maximum temperature range from 5 … 10 ° in the north area of up to 10 … 15 ° in the south, in clearings thermometer readings can be 3 … 4 ° above. But the Gulf Coast Shelikhova gusts north-east wind 10 … 15 m / s.

Source: Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia


Flood came to Magadan

August 20, 2013. Changes to the flood situation in the Far East. State of emergency was declared on August 20 in the Magadan region. Weather front with the Okhotsk Sea brought heavy rains there and wind storm. As a result — flooded dozens of homes, power failure, sometimes blurred major highways.

Hundreds of kilometers to the south the main focus is still the level of water in the Amur River in Khabarovsk. He crossed the mark of 6 meters and 81 centimeters in the next few days may yet rise to the absolute maximum — 7 meters 80 centimeters. Rescue workers and military strengthen coastline constructing dams, evacuating people from the most dangerous areas.

Source: The first channel

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