Raked in Chechnya Tiger saved the lives of the crew

Military-industrial company published photographs Command Post Vehicle based STS "Tiger", which was shot by militants in August last year in Chechnya.
The entire crew was unharmed, but one of the soldiers lightly scratched by a bullet. The bombardment was carried out Kalashnikov rifles, grenade launchers and sniper rifles SVD.

Clearly visible marks of automatic bullets, right above the door — a place of grenade launcher grenades hit

Side window of the driver’s view from the inside

They tried to kill the driver …

…yes not work

Vulnerable back door was only in contact with armor-piercing incendiary bullets from SVD

The company said that the bullet was only able to break through the door and break through the plastic, for more of its not enough

The original high-resolution photos can be found here.

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