Rally Silk Road-2012 began (updated)

Team "KAMAZ-Master" was successfully launched in the international off-road rally "Silk Road-2012", which takes place in Russia on the route "Moscow — Gelendzhik."

The total route length 3859 km, of which 2,083 km are on the high-speed sections. In a race total of 25 trucks and more than 100 SUVs. All machines have the administrative and technical checks.

Team "KAMAZ-Master" added five trucks. The crew number 301 — Ayrat Mardeev pilot, navigator Aydar Belyaev and mechanic Anton peace. The crew number 303 — Eduard Nikolaev, Sergey Savostin, Vladimir Rybakov. The crew number 310 — Anton Shibalov, Robert Amatych, Ildar Shaysultanov. The crew number 314 — Dmitry Sotnikov, Evgeny Yakovlev, Igor Devjatkin. Fast "technicals" leads Ilgizar Mardeev (navigator Vyacheslav Mizyukaev, mechanic Diamond Khisamiev). Also on KAMAZ trucks are the Kazakh crew Arthur Ardavichus (Alex Kuzmich, Nurlan Turlubaev) and the crew of Sergei Kupriyanov (Dmitry Markov, Andrei Karginov).

The first stage of the rally-raid, which took place on the route "Ryazan — Volgograd", ended with the victory of "KAMAZ-Master". As the result, the first line of trucks in the standings for the crew of Eduard Nikolaev. Second place in the Czech racer Ales Loprais (he lagged behind Nikolaev at four and a half minutes), the third — in Ayrat Mardeeva. Anton Shibalov and Dmitry Sotnikov finished fifth and sixth respectively. "Technicals" Ilgizara Mardeeva took eighth place in qualifying.

Today, July 9, the participants of rally "Silk Road-2012" have to go through the ring stage "Volgograd — Volgograd" with a special stage of 123 kilometers. Half of this amount to the sandy path of the road, about 30% — dry field roads and 20% — the open sands and dunes.

Recall that the rally "Silk Road" is held the fourth consecutive year and is already known around the world. Previous races were held on the routes "Kazan — Ashgabat" (2009), "St. Petersburg — Sochi" (2010), "Moscow — Sochi" (2011). This year, the rally-raid "Silk Road" will finish in Gelendzhik on July 13. 


Ayrat Mardeev — the first in the second stage 

The crew number 301 of "KAMAZ-Master" running Ayrat Mardeeva won the second stage of the race, "Silk Road-2012" in the truck standings.

The participants of the rally "Silk Road-2012" took the ring stage "Volgograd — Volgograd" with a special stage of 123 kilometers. Athletes overcome sandy areas with a lot of pits and trampolines. Following Mardeev Jr. came to the finish of his team-pilot crew number 303 Eduard Nikolaev, and the third place went to Ales Loprais. The crew of Anton Shibalova (№ 310) was fifth at KAMAZ, the crew battle "technicals" under the direction of an experienced Ilgizara Mardeeva finished sixth, and Dmitry Sotnikov (№ 314) came eighth.

According to the results of the two phases of the "Silk Road" in the truck standings leader Eduard Nikolaev, the second is Ayrat Mardeev, the third place is occupied by Ales Loprais. Anton Shibalov held on the fifth, Ilgizar Mardeev — on the sixth, Dmitry Sotnikov — in seventh place.

Today, July 10, started the third phase, during which the trucks will be 491 km special stage on the "Volgograd — Elista."


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