Ranking regions in terms of housing-2011

   At the end of 2011, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, Russia was introduced in 62.3 million square meters. meters of housing, which is 6.6% more than in 2010. In terms of per capita it is 0.43 m. m, which is the second highest in the history of Russia after a record 2008. In comparison with 2010, the share index of housing increased by 5%.

The leader in terms of housing per person in 2011 are the Moscow region, Belgorod region, the Chuvash Republic. In the 15 regions of the country in 2011, was introduced more than 0.5 square meters. m per person and in 24 regions of housing construction exceeds the average. Minimum rates of housing construction in terms of per capita recorded in the Murmansk Region, Chukotka Autonomous District, the Chechen Republic.



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According to an analysis of official statistics, 45% of the total entered in the Russian housing accounted for 10 regions, and in three regions — the leaders in terms of housing was introduced more than 20% of Russia’s total. Moscow and the Moscow region, accounting for 16% of the injected housing in Russia. In this case, the main share in the Moscow region, which is the leader in weight in the national average. Leading the way with a huge margin in terms of housing, Moscow region occupies the first place, and the current availability of the population living area.

The most significant housing construction in 2011 increased in Chukotka, the Amur Region, in the Republic of Komi. The decline in housing construction was noted in 13 regions, including the leader in terms of reduction of the Republic of Ingushetia (the volume of construction in 2011 — about half the level of last year).


Experts believe that in 2012 will be put 64-65 million square meters. of the total area of residential homes. The growth of living space in 2012 will be about 0.4 m. m per person, excluding retirement housing. Thus, by the end 2012 the total area of residential premises on a single Russian is about 23 square meters. m

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