RAS prepare research papers for India (Moscow — New Delhi)

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Department of Science and Technology, India in January, opens in New Delhi Russian-Indian Scientific and Technological Centre.

It should help Indian scientists and businessmen who want to cooperate with Russian colleagues. Such a center is already working in Moscow and provides legal, informational, and other non-profit support Russian and Indian scientific projects. Directs both centers combined collegial body from the Russian side it is coordinated by the Vice-President of Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Aldoshin, the Indian — Thirumalaachar Ramasamy, the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of India.

Centre plans to develop through participation in grant programs and funding from the ministries of both countries. Russian scientific-technical projects in New Delhi will be a staff of a dozen people. To work they will be given a few offices and a conference room for the guests and receptions seminars and exhibitions.

On the establishment of the center of Vladimir You know who agreed during an official visit to India in 2007. It was then decided that the Russian-Indian center will open representative offices in Moscow and New Delhi. Center in Moscow has started to work in April 2010. In I quarter of next year in India will be finalized concept of the center and the projects he will oversee.

The functions of the new organization will include the search for promising technologies in the institutions of the Ministry of Education Sciences, scientists help in preparing the documents for their scientific ideas were supported by Russian and Indian investors.

Groups of institutions, RAS, thus gain access to the Indian investment institutions, and the Indians — access to Russian technology.

According to the deputy head of the Russian-Indian center Ludmila Kornauhovoy, the project is now at the primary level, but the outlook is more than favorable.

— We think that the number of our offices in India in the coming years will expand to six, because already received more proposals than expected, — Kornauhova said. — Our goal — to help scientists bring their ideas to attractive levels for investors. And the Indians are very interested in our new energy-efficient or oil-producing technology.

The experts of the Russian venture capital market is considered urgent to implement the project, but worried that the already active leak promising Russian technologies abroad may increase.

— Venture capital funds decide to provide funding for start-up or not. And the use of groundwork and research teams to assist them in the creation of companies are not engaged. In this vein center will be able to succeed — Says Konstantin Fokin, president of the Russian Union of Business Angels. — Such a technology transfer center now create "RUSNANO" and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Clearly, all states want them to come our talented professionals and introduced them our technology. A more pressing problem is that these technologies have taken root in the first place in Russia.

— I think that most Indian brains will flow here, not our overseas. Now Russia for innovators created the conditions are much more favorable than in Asia, — Told "Izvestia" Nikita Odintsov (twitter: @ nikitaodintsov), head of the NGO "Modernization» (twitter @ i_Russia). — I think in the near future, our scientists will learn how to use the privileges given to them, and our scientific and technical progress will accelerate.

Odintsov cited the Fund "Skolkovo", which instead of the expected one thousand applications from applicants resident status innograda handled more than 2 million

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