Rate of airborne combat vehicles will increase by 2 billion rubles

Defense upgrades BMD sample of the 1970s to the machine level in 1985

To save the Defense Ministry instead of buying new airborne combat vehicles (BMD) of the third generation will modernize the 40-year-old BMD-1. Under the terms of the competition, published on the site procurement, old machines, the production of which was completed in 1987, will replace the engine, gun, fire control and communication systems. As a result, should get a BMD-2, which do not produce more than 10 years.

The cost of upgrading 135 vehicles valued at 1.9 billion rubles — for 14.8 million apiece. The military said it was reasonable expenses. However, experts believe that it would be better to spend it on new machines, not on BMD, but on the more powerful infantry vehicles (BMP).

— Desantiruemye machine — a very strange phenomenon from a military point of view purely Soviet design, which was never used in combat. Why such a machine is needed, no one knows, but the paratroopers are very afraid of losing this type of technology, so by all means keep him, arguing that without desantiruemye machine — no way — said the "News" editor in chief of "Arsenal" Victor Murakhovski.

According to him, for the sake of ease up to 13 tons (more parachute systems do not hold) BMD equipped with aluminum armor, which sews a good machine gun. And when a landmine it is formed into sheets.

In this desantiruemye machines are much more expensive than conventional infantry through the use of aluminum in the body and expensive hydraulic suspension, which must withstand the "jump" from the plane.

At the same time Murakhovski noted that the modernization of BMD-1 is many times cheaper than buying a new car in this class, and combat capabilities modernized version of almost anything will not yield new ways.

— A new BMD-2 would be worth in today’s prices of about 50 million rubles for the car — he says. — BMD-3 is worth 50-60 million Price BMD-4, which makes the Kurgan, close to the new tank. And here, in fact, take the old building, change the chassis, tower, communications, and it turns out the same car in just 14 million seems reasonable.

— Every war machine created with an eye to further modernize. The fact that the machine design of the late 1960s upgraded to the level of machines the early 1980s, there is nothing strange — so do all over the world — like the Academy of Military Sciences, Professor Victor Korablin.

The Volgograd Tractor Plant (VgTZ), where made BMD-1, "News" reported that they would participate in the tender. According to the representative of the plant, the main stage of modernization — Replacement Warhead: guns and fire control systems. The rest of the work — the replacement engine, caterpillars, batteries, etc. — It’s routine maintenance, do not directly affect combat capability machines.

— The main difference of BMD-2 BMD-1 — is a gun, so to bring the BMD-1 and BMD-2, we will replace it semi-automatic 73-mm gun 2A28 with a fully automatic 30-mm 2A42, — one of the top managers VgTZ.

According to him, the 73-mm smoothbore gun BMD-1 shoots at a rate of 6-8 rounds per minute and has a sighting range of up to 1.3 thousand meters, and the maximum — about 4 km. In contrast, the 30-mm automatic gun rifled BMD-2 produces up to 550 rounds per minute Effective range 2 km armor-piercing projectiles and 4 km — shrapnel and high-explosive.

Also, because smaller projectiles BMD-2 has a greater Ammo — 300 rounds to 40, in BMD-1. Under the terms of the tender winner company will have to deliver the car itself to the plant from Pskov, Tula, Ryazan and Omsk, and after repairs to bring them back with a set of spare parts and warranty of 3 thousand kilometers. Transportation costs are included in the contract sum.

The deadline for the tender announced on March 29, ending on April 19 until April 26, they will be treated, and the auction will take place on May 2.


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