Rating Defense News TOP 100: an impressive success of the Russian defense industry

Defense News publishes new ranking defense companies Defense News TOP 100. According to the publication, reducing U.S. military spending and a number of European countries had an impact on the revenue table leaders (mostly Western companies). Seven of the top ten representatives showed a reduction of revenue from sales of military goods, and the sales of the one hundred largest manufacturers of defense products for the year fell by three per cent. The defense of only one country has shown impressive growth — Russia.

So, Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", which showed revenue growth of 62%, one of the five most successful European defense companies and was ranked 14th in the world rankings (having risen by 11 positions).

"Helicopters of Russia" also increased sales by 32% and took 24th place in the table.

United Engine Corporation showed a sales growth of 49% and reached the 49th place.

Concern RTI also grew by 12% to take 80th place.

Russian manufacturers of combat aircraft have reduced the sale. AHC "Dry" on 43rd (minus one step per year), the Corporation "Irkut" — 62 (58), the RAC "MiG" — 93 (90).

According to estimates Defense News, four Russian leader adjusted one percent ranking — without the "Almaz-Antey", "Helicopters of Russia" and APC total revenue of the world defense industry for the year would have decreased by three and four percent. A reduction in the total sales of companies from outside the U.S. and not from Russia amounted to five percent.

According to the newspaper, the remarkable success of Russian companies is largely due to a big increase in exports, which since 2005 has more than doubled. In addition, Russian authorities actively support the national industry — for example, by arranging the return of Russian aircraft salon at Le Bourget.

Traditional customers — India and China — the rapidly increasing military spending, which also contributes to the growth of sales of Russian military hardware. Stimulates the growth of the industry and the state defense order.


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