Rating of the largest companies of pork producers for 2012

A total of 20 of the largest companies in the pig last year produced 1.1 million tons of meat in the total production in the country of 3.3 million tonnes, which is nearly 15% higher than in 2011.

 In this case, the industrial sector, which produces about a third of pork consumption in Russia increased by 13 percent. The share of the top 20 in total industrial production of pork has increased from 49.1 in 2011 to 52.4 percent in 2012.

Market leader with a 66.5% growth for the year was "Agribusiness", which produced 241.1 thousand tons of meat against 144.8 thousand tonnes in 2011. He is the only one who has significantly increased its market share in the domestic industrial production from 6 to 11.4 percent. Given the territorial aspect, the percentage of "Miratorga" in the European part of Russia is much higher. As indicated last year, the company is now able to really affect the pricing of the market. In 2013, the agricultural holding can further press competitors as going to add another 83 tons

The second and third place in the ranking, as before for "Agrobelogore" and "Cherkizovo" with output growth respectively 11 and 13.7 percent.

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