RBS-innovation will the introduction of ENGECON developments in the field of information systems and technology

GC "Russian Business Systems" announces the formation of small innovative companies’ RBS-innovation "at the St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University (ENGECON). The company will be engaged in the implementation of scientific and technological development of the university and the implementation of joint projects in the field of information systems and technologies.


IIP "RBS-innovation" is created in accordance with the Federal Law № 217-FZ, which regulates the organization of business entities with a view to the practical application of the results of intellectual activity of scientific and educational institutions. Key areas of activity "RBS-innovation" — the latest electronic, information, telecommunications, energy saving technologies, and the development of automated systems for security, monitoring, and management. The company will implement commercial projects and introduce into production decisions, using the know-how of the university, protected by the relevant patents.

"Small enterprise innovation — is an effective format, which creates favorable conditions for the transfer of scientific knowledge in the business environment and mutually beneficial partnership of science as a source of innovation and business as a key driver of their commercialization. The creation of such enterprises to accelerate your implementation of advanced technologies in the real sector of the economy, improves the competitiveness of the Russian innovation products in both local and global markets, "- says the press-service of GC" Russian Business Systems. "  

 GC "Russian Business Systems" — A vertically integrated group of companies full production with a unique portfolio of business assets under management. Brings together the resources and expertise series of high-tech Russian companies to implement innovative projects in the field of telecommunications, systems integration, implementation of automated control systems and security.

 St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University (ENGECON) — The University of St. Petersburg, specializing in the provision of training in engineering and economics.The university is a major research center, a leading basic and applied scientific research in 21 main direction of scientific activity.

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