RD-180 makes its way to the ships SpaceX

The company Orbital Sciences (this is the same that for a couple of SpaceX Elon Musk has won the tender for the NASA space shuttle next generation) has complained to the Federal Trade Commission of the United States to its competitors — "Boeing" and "Lockheed Martin" that unlawfully restrict access Orbital Sciences to important components.

We are talking about rocket engines RD-180 manufactured by the Russian NGO "Energomash" that Orbital Sciences is going to install on their boosters as the next generation, according to a Orbital Sciences, these engines are optimal for this class of missiles and without a non-competitive Orbital Sciences .

Special piquancy of the situation makes the fact that competitors Orbital Sciences — United Launch Alliance (a joint project of Lockheed-Martin and Boeing) — are already using the RD-180 rocket "Atlas", and she Orbital Sciences in the current prototype rocket "Antares" uses a different engine Russian production — NC-33 production SNTK the Kuznetsov (named Aerojet AJ-26).

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