Re-branding and re-engineering scolding


To maximize the speed of any innovation project in Russia to sample the Skolkovo technology parks, in my opinion, inventors need to consider several specific factors of development.

The first is the idea of the project should already be present in the form of a utility model or invention. Second, the author of the project should be a small source of income to invest in their offspring inventive online. Third, the inventor must be a necessary qualification to lead and accompany such a project myself personally. As well as strength of will, which gives an opportunity not to be influenced by non-constructive criticism. Fourth, the development of innovation is vital gentle and effective support of the state of the innovations that are still in abundance give rise to Russian minds.   

Let me remind those who do not know, briefly, that "Scolding" -RA has a birthday on the caustic, but the apt remark programmers. And all because it is mounted on top and connects to smartphones and mobile phones through the audio jack.

A new building for the "-RA"

As a result of the May Field (full-scale) testing at our already well-known in blogs runet tonguelashing, revealed a number of errors in the design of the program and the instability of device-RA. And this is not surprising. Trials have just begun, all previously unseen flaws began to crawl out, like a bad motorist: "A good knock in the engine must always come out!" Having identified the landmark error, we continue to improve our scolding, as in a constructive and program plan based on testing.

At the preliminary stage of development of our developers have invented many different types of structures device-RA. A Chinese tech for a couple of weeks on their 3D-printer is made of silicone 50 of the same type, shiny hulls of black and white test on smart phones iPhone-4, 4s corresponding colors. By the durability of such structures usually do not impose specific requirements. But, in fact, a body made way for a one-off mock trials and field experiments. Some of our developers called the body disposable silicone cups for 100 bucks! The analogy is similar, but unfortunately, very expensive. So, every body-RA is the 3D-printer with delivery to Moscow cost us $ 117, including payment adventurous Courier-physics provezshego all the pockets on the flight Beijing-Moscow.

Let me remind those who do not know, briefly, that "Scolding" -RA has a birthday on the caustic, but the apt remark programmers. And all because it is mounted on top and connects to smartphones and mobile phones through the audio jack. Although the grid devices is a device such as iPod Touch. It has, in particular, audio jack below. The name for this solution you can come up with yourself. I have more and more came to mind the word "stool", but only on the Ukrainian slang.                       

Potential readers may not be limited in their fantasies when choosing a new name of the next version of the design-RA or specific language or local customs. Burn and send your suggestions to us — the story you will not forget!

The new name for the "-RA"

We performed a detailed analysis of the full-scale tests on the scolding, its ease of carrying and operating with smartphones, according to her, "wearability." Although, frankly, what claims to be a one-off things? In general, we decided to take a different design (№ 5), from a wide range of previously developed options for housing-RA. We gave her the code name «A.DO-RA.uni», which translated into the Russian language: "A" — connect via the audio jack, DO-RA — Denotes the functionality of the device (radiometer)  uni — Abbreviated from the word «universal» or "universal." By the way, please do not be confused with the eponymous film studio in Hollywood! Although, that sort of still there!   

Attention! We gradually come to the next stage of development of the project-RA, namely, to expand the applicability of hardware devices-RA for multiple mobile devices, manufactured by the world in abundance "mobilopromom"!

And so, we present to you the new design «a.DO-RA.uni»! It is at first glance somewhat similar in shape and the visual range of a standard USB flash drive. But, in addition, that would not ruin the "apprentice called" personality-new-RA, we have coded it, and call each other "Do-RA.yuni. "

After the analysis of the test results, a new design-RA has gained several positive consumer qualities that are absent in the existing "scolding ". Which, by the way, was confined only under version smartphones iPhone-4 and 4s, which is clearly limited its "limitless" possibilities.

First, due to the new structural elements, "Do-RA.yuni" is now able to work directly with vsemidevaysami Apple line «I». That is to say, with so devaysami as: iPhone-3, 3 Gs, 4, 4 s, iPad, iPad-2, iPad-3, iPod Touch, probably with iPod nana (Possibility to study), and with smartphonesiPhone-5, 6, 7 (Future generations). And as with laptops line MacOS, but only when the download these files «DO-RA.Soft» for these models with a promotional site .

Secondly, today the "Do-RA.yuni" works without a personal source of energy, at the expense of on-board power supply used devaysa Apple, connected through the audio jack. The "Do-RA.yuni" according to field trials, consuming a small amount of energy from the base. Thus, in particular from iPhone-4, 4s, is in working mode, while sleeping on the phone (screen off), the consumption of "Do-RA.yuni" was not more than 1% of the capacity of the standard on-board battery. 

Third, the "Do-RA.yuni" when wearing may well fit in a standard case for the smartphone to your belt. Special return mechanism retractable audio connector will now be firmly pressed "UP-RA.yuni" to the smartphone itself. And also used for other devices.

Fourth, if this design "DO-RA.yuni" will survive on the next full-scale field trials and will work without any failures, and software failures, then the company JSC "Intersoft Eurasia" — developer device-RA today is entitled as a member of the program MFi ongoing Apple, to license this product for the future placement of well-known brand on his body. This possibility can also open the door to the distribution and sale of devices in the network of shops and Apple Internet market App Store!   

Fifth, the decision of the case "TO-RA.yuni" will enable finalization of all the modes of the device-RA for most devices of different manufa
cturers and models for the following program  Platforms: iOS, Android, WP7, JavaME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada, Linux, Windows, MacOS, under which our programs are written DO-RA.Soft.  


Programs DO-RA.Soft 

As part of the program for the period of development-RA, only for iOS was made more than 40 versions of DO-RA.Soft. Of course, the full code of the programs totally not changed, but they are constantly taking place functional enhancements and upgrades.

So, we have added a beautiful and more precise timetable set of per minute equivalent dose of ionizing radiation device owner-RA. As well as the ability to manage individual mode of the dosimeter.

I-RA is a new feature for photographing an object of ionizing radiation, and sending such a photo marked with radioactivity e-mail, with the code name "FBR », which translated to English means: Fixation of the Background Radiation. With reference to the photo — the dose rate (the level of background radiation) of the object, its geo-coordinates and time of shooting. Moreover, the photographs of the object radiation is possible only with established and working-RA, whatever joked "radiation hooligans." In particular, environmentalists will be happy about this gadget, and a number of its functions.

At its open presentation-RA, in the middle of April 2012, in the presence of the media and the audience of specialists, we have clearly shown the possibility of operating our devices developed by the company of Intersoft Eurasia "cloud" service. Which, in turn, implies the transfer, storage and display of measurement data on the radiation environment carat Google in real time. For example, when measuring the competitive level of ionizing treatment device-RA, with the geographic coordinates information online, the server sends the data and then, after a delay of 60 seconds., Were laid on the Google maps with the benchmarks and measure the actual location.

Instead of conclusion

Today, without a shadow of a doubt we can say that the project-RA took place, including with the active support of the "Skolkovo". We are very pleased and appreciate the support of our highly skilled colleagues in the nuclear cluster industrial park. Thanks to this support, and our research it became clear where in the first place it is necessary to develop and to strive for the early withdrawal of the device-RA on the international markets.

Now the project-RA is gaining momentum and goes to the next, an important level of development. We stand before the creation of multi-platform device ‘pre-RA.yuni "class instrumentation. And above all, for the people, it is extremely vulnerable in cases of radiation accidents. In what follows, of course, designed for the professional version Serviced plant personnel, the army, the Emergencies Ministry and other concerned departments. 

All that is useful, it is reasonable and promising we see and use in their designs. Any innovation and objective observations, we are grateful for the improvements to the project-RA and, if possible, put the.  

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