Read and write can not 75 million EU citizens

High Level Expert Group for the European Commission issued a report which shows that about 75 million adults in the EU countries do not have basic skills in reading and writing, said European Commissioner for Education, Culture and Youth, Androulla Vassiliou.

"We are experiencing a paradox. While reading and writing are important and useful as ever in this digital world, our level of knowledge of them is not up to par. We urgently need to reverse this alarming situation, "- said Vassiliou, reports" Interfax ".

In her words, "to invest in raising the level of literacy of citizens of all ages good for the economy, as it will bring tangible benefits to the population and society, which in the long run will run into billions of euros."

Experts who have studied the issue and prepare a report commissioned by the European Commission, insisting that the European Union should reconsider its vision of literacy. One in five teens aged 15 years and about 75 million adults in the EU do not have basic skills in reading and writing, creating gridlock in finding work and increases the risk of poverty and exclusion from society.

Chair of the Expert princess Netherlands Laurentian who devoted many years of struggle for literacy, called the report "an alarm in response to the crisis, which has affected all the countries of Europe."

This 80-page report includes a number of recommendations. Of which there are proposals such as device libraries for this unusual places, such as shopping malls. Or involvement in the formation of a larger number of male teachers to serve as a model for the boys, who usually read less than girls. Expressed as specific recommendations in relation to different age groups.

The report's authors are convinced of the need to free and quality basic education for all, and changing attitudes to dyslexia, based on the fact that almost every child can learn to read and write, if you engage with them appropriately.

Experts in favor of increasing the number of specialists in the teaching of reading in primary schools, as well as the diversification of forms of adult education, such as in the workplace.

According to Eurostat data, the beginning of 2012, the population of the European Union amounted to 503 million 500 thousand people. And the EU population older than 14 years old in 2010 amounted to 421 million people.

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