Reagent Kit Extra DNA Bio has received the CE mark

Development of the Group of Companies "Alcor Bio" — a set of reagents "Extra DNA Bio" for the isolation of DNA to conduct molecular genetic studies and the detection of infectious agents — has received the CE mark — a sign of the quality of the European Union.

The CE mark is often referred to as a "passport products", which allows the manufacturer of any state to sell their products on the European markets.

Earlier, the set for the production of nucleic acid extraction GC Alcor Bio has been successfully registered with the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health (Roszdravnadzor).

 Currently, a set of "Extra-DNA Bio" is the only domestic dial, allowing the DNA from dried blood spots. This feature set significantly expands the diagnosis of various diseases in the newborn, in which blood samples are extremely limited. All reagents supplied with the kit are in liquid form and are ready for use.

A set of "Extra-DNA-Bio" is designed for fast and efficient isolation of DNA from blood serum and plasma, whole blood, dried blood spots, saliva, urine, swabs from mucosal epithelial cells of cervical canal and the urethra.

The principle of operation is set in the processing of a biological sample with the lysis buffer, followed by alcohol precipitation. Today, alcohol precipitation — a widespread method of sample preparation, which is based on the aggregation of nucleic acids in the presence of salt and alcohol. This method is fairly simple to use, characterized by small delays and high purity of the resulting DNA preparation.

DNA isolated using a reagent kit "Extra-DNA Bio" may be used to further study the molecular biological methods, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection of amplification products in real time.

Today, the Civil Alcor Bio — a developer and manufacturer of test systems for immunoassay and molecular genetic analysis — produces more than 60 types of reagent kits, 45 of them are CE marked.

Procedure for evaluating the compliance of the Civil Alcor Bio products with European quality standards conducted by MediMark Europe. CE marking — a sign indicating that the product meets the requirements of the European Union on security products.

The practice of the CE marking of products was introduced in Western Europe in the mid-80s in order to increase the efficiency of the processes of trade between the EU and reduce the cost of compliance verification requirements for product safety for the consumer as set out in the Directives of the European Community.

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