Realit produces profiles for Japanese nuclear accelerators Belle Tsukuba


The factory aluminum profiles Realit mastered the production of unique profiles for nuclear accelerators. Currently launched production of three types of vacuum-tight aluminum special form that is used in the manufacture of vacuum chambers for particle accelerators.

An enterprise profiles were developed in conjunction with one of the leading institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences for their use in the detector Belle Laboratory for High Energy Accelerator (KEK), Tsukuba, Japan. "KEK" — is one of the largest and fastest growing laboratories in the world in the field of high energy physics.

Uniqueness production of such profiles is the use of certain types of aluminum alloys and profile geometry, which makes it capable of withstanding internal cavity dense gaseous medium adjacent to the vacuum chamber. In the experimental production of the institute should be made of vacuum chambers 700 total length of approximately 2 kilometers.

Realities, this figure as smart and talented people do not whine, and the ruins from scratch, create a great production.  They pay taxes, provide jobs, carry out the modernization of production and investing in Russia, while supplying products not only in Russia, but also for export. (Photo and video)

 Construction of the plant began in May 2002 and in November 2003 the company "Real" started producing its first products.



















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