Realized and promising investment projects in the Rostov region


Rostov Region has commissioned in the 1st half of 2011, three large complexes in agriculture, the total amount of investments — 5.8 billion rubles. This was the Deputy Governor, Minister of Agriculture and Food of Vladimir Cherkezov reported on August 4 meeting of the Board of Investment under the governor of the area.

Among these objects — pig farm capacity of 106 thousand heads per year / investor — OOO "Russian pork, Millerovo ‘investment in the project — 2.6 billion rubles /
The 2nd phase of the complex on broiler / OOO "Poultry Zadonskaya", is a holding company "Optifood" 1.1 billion rubles /
industrial complex for the production of hatching eggs turkey / OOO "URS Don", 2.1 billion rubles /.

In addition, in the 1st half of "Millerovskiy OEP" / included in the company "Aston" / completed 2nd phase of the project of reconstruction, which resulted into effect elevator complex of storage capacity of 64 thousand tons, utilities and stormwater treatment facilities drains.
In Morozovskiy branch of "Aston" CHP commissioned for the disposal of husk and power generation.

As a result of the investment volume index of investment in agriculture Rostov region in the 1st half of 2011 amounted to 110.7% at 107.2% of the state program plan. However, as stressed at the meeting of the Board Vice-Governor of the Rostov region Sergey Gorban, the area on the results of the 1st half narrowly missed by 4 billion rubles own plan for investment in agriculture.

As informed V.Cherkezov, oblminselhozprod selected 22 of the most promising investment projects with a total investment of 67.5 billion rubles to be included in the "100 gubernatorial projects" that are in the priority status. A total of Ministry of Agriculture of the selection step has received applications for the implementation of 41 investment projects worth 125.5 billion rubles. Capacity in the selected 22 projects designed to produce 127,000 tons of poultry meat in live weight per year, 58,000 tons of pork and 55 tons of vegetables, it is planned to create 13.6 thousand jobs.

Annual tax revenues to the budgets of all levels after putting 22 "gubernatorial projects" in operation at 5.4 billion rubles a year, including the consolidated budget — 3.2 billion rubles

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