Reamer shipped trunk equipment for the U.S. company

Batch production of ball valves MSA as (Czech "daughter" group of companies "Riemer") has successfully passed acceptance tests of PBV / PG & E USA.

  • "Rimera" equip the gas network backbone equipment USA
  • "Rimera" equip the gas network backbone equipment USA

The first five units of ball valves 34 "class 600 as part of this order have been shipped in November 2012. The remaining six units will be shipped by the end of February. Customer — California-based Pacific Gas and Electric company — plans to use the equipment, made in Czech plant "Reamers," to repair the gas distribution network by replacing outdated fixtures.
"Successful completion of the tests of our products, which confirmed its high quality, MSA opens opportunities for further expansion of the circle of consumers in North America. This is an interesting market with its centuries-old traditions, one of which is its conservatism "- says Director of Sales supply main equipment of the group of companies" Riemer "Michael Zhamkov
From 2010 to 2012 the volume of supplies MSA products to consumers in the U.S. and Canada increased more than 2.5 times. The plans of the Czech company of the group of companies "Riemer" — to increase the volume of deliveries of production in 2013, the North American market to 620 million euros. The main customers of the main equipment made by Czech company "Reamers," in the North American market are the company Forum Energy Technologies, ISV, AECOM, Samson, Pentair and Prism Flow.

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