Rearmament continues.

Two missile battalion "yars" and four silos complex "Topol-M" to the end of the year to intercede on combat duty in the Ivanovo and Saratov regions, said the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Karakayev after a meeting of the military council, which was held at the headquarters of the Strategic Missile Forces.

In Teykovskogo missile division (Ivanovo region) completed upgrading to the latest road-mobile missile system "Yars" of the first regiment of the account. He was brought up to full staff, said the commander. Strategic missile troops have received equipment and organized the preparation for this re-missile regiment of the second in line Teykovskogo compounds where the end of 2011 will be put on combat duty two missile battalion.
According to him, until the end of the year in Tatishchev missile formation (Saratov region) on combat duty is planned to supply four silos missile system Topol-M.
— Despite the fact that today more than 70 percent of the missiles are outside the warranty period — he said, — technical condition, the reliability characteristics of weapons and military equipment provided to maintain the required level of combat readiness of missile systems.
Lieutenant General Karakayev said that under the state armaments program for 2011-2020 is working on the development of advanced missile systems. Summing up the preliminary results of the year, he also said that in 2011, work continued on improving the system of command and control SRF. The approbation of the order of combat duty in the highest degree of combat readiness with the increased length of time the missile regiments with PGRK on combat patrol routes.
According to him, during the whole year Rocket Forces were numerous checks and inspections, which essentially boiled down to one thing — to determine their actual condition and able to independently solve problems of maintaining combat readiness.

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