Rearmament industry — new Russian machine-tool

Russia must regain its status as a world industrial power. To do this, you need to have a presence in the key factor — the development of machine tools. Specificity is that when creating new weapons, ships, aircraft, etc. projected only that essentially can make. Talk about the creation of a new generation of missiles, not having the appropriate equipment — is meaningless. Machine tools — a synonym for the creation of technology.

  • Made in Russia
  • Made in Russia

  • Made in Russia
  • Made in Russia

A country with no proper development of the machine-tool industry, is destined to be a second-class state — you can buy equipment for beer, but you can not buy the equipment for the fifth generation fighter. State which has withdrawn from his own machine tools, as well give up the modern industrial production, which obviously includes: a modern shipbuilding, aircraft construction, space area, high-speed rail, modern weapons systems.

Machine tool in the nature of closely related to the development of new types of products, and therefore determines the degree of competitiveness. In many cases, it is the emergence of technology is an incentive to develop new types of products. Machine-tool identifies energy efficiency and materialoeffektivnost economy and, therefore, determines the cost of production (second pillar of competitiveness of the economy).

The optimal form of machine-tool industry is the formation of two clusters of machine tools: Ivanovsky and Amur. In Ivanovo in the late Soviet period, was set up a first-class machine tool plant, in the difficult years of the modernization of the plant survived and is today one of the largest machine tool factories in Russia. Ivanovo Machine Tool Cluster combine engineering capacity of four areas of the North-East of the Central Federal District: Ivanovo, Vladimir, Kostroma and Yaroslavl.

As nucleation Amur Machine Tool Cluster Free to choose the city, Szymanowski Seryshevo (Amur region), Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk Territory). Amur machine tool cluster will specialize in the production of equipment for the aerospace, aviation and shipbuilding industries. The formation of these two clusters will gain momentum, machine tool while it is in crisis, and to lay the foundation for a dynamic industrial development in Russia.

Note. On the Amur cluster information yet, but feels like OAO "Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Plant" — one of the largest machine tool enterprises for the production of high-tech and high-tech equipment:

  • IZTS
  • IZTS

The company produces:

  • Heavy and unique machines


  • Machining Centers:


  • Horizontal boring machines:

  • Universal machines:
  • Woodworking CNC:
  • Spindle device:
  • Faceplate and angled head:


as well as the production of foundry and pattern-making, and spetsstanki tool.


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