Received money for the Russian instruments for EkzoMarsa

Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences received public funding for equipment for the project "EkzoMars", said at a press conference on 8 April, head of the Research Department of the planets and small bodies of the solar system IKI Oleg Korablyov.

The first phase of the project is scheduled for January 2016. It is expected that the device will be a Martian orbit two sets of Russian equipment. The first — an upgraded version of the lunar neutron telescope. Now map the spread of water on Mars has a resolution of 300 by 300 kilometers, the new technique will allow to increase this figure to 100. The second unit will study the atmosphere and composition of the surface of Mars. Several spectrometers scan the planet in the near infrared and near ultraviolet. The prototype — an experiment "Mermaid" at the International Space Station.

Institute for a long time could not proceed to work on the devices due to the delay of funding. It depended on an agreement between the Russian Space Agency and the European Space Agency. Agreement signed three weeks ago, and the money, according to Oleg Korableva Institute received even earlier.

Catherine Borovikova

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