Recharge breeding herd Irkutsk Region

420 head of pedigree cattle trucks were brought in Kalmykia in development and production facilities "Siberia" agricultural holding "Belorechenskoye." This is one of the farms in the district of the Irkutsk Tcheremkhovo oblasvti, where they began to implement an investment project for the regional development of beef cattle.

The project is planned to purchase only one thousand cows Kalmyk breed. The remaining cows will be delivered to the Irkutsk region until the end of 2012.

After a couple of weeks in the village Belsk Cheremhovskogo area on base all the same OPH "Siberia" opens the first phase of the dairy farm for a thousand heads, the second is scheduled for November.

These cows will pribaikalskoy local breed. Total milk production at the plant will increase by 35 tons per day.

Senior livestock curve tells Oksana: Now youngsters get used to the new environment and feed. In the field of animal Oksana A. operates nearly 23 years, but with the breed faced for the first time. To study the characteristics of livestock, agriculture experts traveled to Kalmykia. And now ready to start their own breeding of cows.

— No special facilities, cattle that are very accustomed to the conditions tough. This color, and secondly, the body hair, cover, they will still shaggy. A new breed for us. They need only sheds that protect from the wind — the senior livestock OPH "Siberia" Oksana curve.

General Director of "Belorechenskoye" Gabriel Frantenko sure — for a few years, they will be able to bring the livestock to the next level. By 2016, the region plans to produce up to 430 tons of five-marbled beef.

— The prospect of a breeding farm from which the young are able to fly economy, individual breeders to improve the quality of pedigree cattle that we have. This is especially true for the Buryat district, livestock intended for grassland sites — says CEO of CX "Belorechenskoye" Gabriel Frantenko.

This project supports the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk region. Part of the cost of acquisition of cattle compensated from the regional and federal budgets. After all, the cost of one Cows 30-40 thousand rubles.

— We are in a number of regional economic importance of programs that are financed from the federal budget. From the federal budget, we got 70 million from the regional budget of 20 million All this money is directed in such companies that are engaged in the acquisition, maintenance and production of beef, — said Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Irkutsk region Kuzma Aldarov.

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