RECOM factory produce the next SUDOKOMPLEKT pipeline components for bulk carriers under construction


January 31, 2013, in strict accordance with the approved schedule of deliveries, Factory "RECOM" be dispatched the next SUDOKOMPLEKT pipeline fittings designed to build on the one of the shipyards of Saint Petersburg dry cargo deadweight 7154 tons of class "Volga-Don Max".
More than 20,000 units of finished products, including the suspension of marine pipelines, steel elbows, reducers and tees will be mounted in the bilge, ballast systems, the location of the bottom and side valves, pumping systems and separation of oil and diesel fuel, and steam supply system of vessels under construction.
For more than three years of manufacturing and production plant "RECOM" successfully attests to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Among the technology partners "Recom", which according to the rules and under the supervision of PMPC the plant to produce elements of marine pipelines — the largest shipyards in the North-West Federal District, Volga and Southern federal districts.
At the "RECOM" expanding the assortment of marine pipeline fittings and flange connections is considered as one of the important and long-term objectives, as the strengthening and development of the scientific, design and production potential of the shipbuilding industry, as well as the construction of effective cooperation links with shipbuilding technology partners corresponds to the priority goals of the state program of the Russian Federation "Development of shipbuilding in the years 2013-2030", approved by the Government of the Russian Order of December 24, 2012 № 2514-r.

Plant pipeline details "RECOM" — a specialized engineering company for the production of flanges according to Russian and foreign standards, steel elbows, reducers, tees, caps elliptical. The enterprise commercially available pipe supports, flanged and construction fasteners, gaskets, oval and octagonal cross-section. The plant provides comprehensive pipeline fittings: steel gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves disk.

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