Reconnaissance. Bridgehead for an attack in India opened.

 Alexander "Storm" Shlemenko (44 wins, 7 losses) won a new victory. At this time — on the subcontinent Indian subcontinent in the 2nd tournament of the local association "Super Fight League". 2 minutes 20 seconds of action was brought experienced 36-year-old Japanese rival by name Ikuhisa "Minowaman" Minowa (53 wins, 33 defeats) legend of the best days of "Pride."

 Completed a battle powerful knee strike to the jaw from Shlemenko. After the battle, the Japanese X-ray clearly need to count the broken ribs. Pay tribute Minova, even after such a bombing, he tried to make his opponent on the leg pain, albeit unsuccessfully.



at the end of a private message to his arch-rival, Hector Lombard))

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