Reconstructed large airport terminal Ivanovo

At the airport "Ivanovo" reconstructed large air terminal. The new hall has a capacity of 200 passengers per hour and will enable the company to become a reserve for the Moscow aviation hub.

During the reconstruction of the airport complex works on electricity, produced by assembling an automatic fire alarm system. On the forecourt lighting repaired, laid new asphalt pavement, made alterations to the building premises, installation of the entrance lobby of PVC profiles, decoration works. The airport was also purchased and installed special equipment for passenger check-in, furniture, and an automated registration system.

On the reconstruction of a large airport was not wasted budget. Airport development will gradually reduce the level of regional subsidies to the enterprise.

The use of an optional navigation equipment, which will take the court in any weather conditions, and a large airport terminal building will Ivanovski become a full backup platform for the Moscow aviation hub. According to the airport director Alexander Zverev, increasing occupancy of the boards. "We are working on the possibility of new directions of flights. Negotiations with the two airlines that plan to carry out the Ivanovo Airport flights to Sochi, Gelendzhik and Anapa ", — he said.

Currently, planes from Ivanovo Airport fly to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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