Reconstruction of 2 buildings space industry of Corporation Comet (St. Petersburg)

Under the state of the federal program for the development of space industry enterprises FSUE "guiro number 2 at Spetsstroy Russia" in June 2012 started the reconstruction and modernization of the two buildings of the "Corporation Comet." In a specially designed project on the site of the old buildings are erected new buildings, which will include production facilities and administrative facilities and domestic purposes.

Builders of FSUE "guiro number 2 at Spetsstroy Russia" strictly adhere to the production schedule. Work on site began with the dismantling of the old building, which covers an area of 10 thousand square meters To date, 80% of the installed building frame production workshop, active rates go work on the construction of the ground floor of the administrative. Until the end, builders plan to completely close the loop buildings, and then start the installation of internal engineering networks and decorating. Release Date scheduled in 2015

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