Reconstruction of embankments and shorelines of Russia for 2012


1. Ten and a half million square meters of green space, walking paths, new benches, lights — so now it looks like an updated creek embankment of the Volga in Astrakhan.

Along the promenade on the new lawns are green oaks, lindens, ash and birch. Especially for the content of green space were built three pumping stations with running water watering.

Ten runs, including for people with disabilities, can come close to the water, which will soon launch a carp fry.

The plans of the next year — the restoration of old buildings, nestled along the inner-water reservoirs. In the project, according to preliminary data, will be included 2.5 thousand houses.

"We are preparing a project and are looking for funds," — said the Governor of Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin. He noted that his contribution to this work will be able to make young architects Astrakhan — graduates of the department restorers AISI.

2. Reconstruction of the coast lines and beaches in Sochi.


3. August 31, in Saratov opened a new section of the waterfront. The new section of a length of 800 meters, is the first stage of the Cosmonauts continue Quay Street. Grandmother vzvoz to the street. Big Garden (total length — 3,7 km). Its construction began in 2007, but soon was frozen due to lack of funds in the regional budget. At the end of May 2012 resumed construction of the embankment. The next phase of construction of the embankment will be completed by the end of 2012.

4.New unique embankment in Tyumen.

5. In Vladivostok, open promenade Tsarevich.



6. AboutOpen button embankment in a residential area, "Patroclus" in Vladivostok held in October 18. Walkup length of 2.5 km will be available to all residents of the seaside capital.


7. The opening of the new promenade in Togliatti.


8. In Samara, commissioned after the 3rd stage of the embankment reconstruction, According to the city Department of Building and Architecture.

The latest milestone was the installation of a fountain design "Sail". The composition repeats the original, created by the masters of the architectural bureau Kuibyshev Aviation Plant. However, the copy is made of stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion.

All other improvement works have been completed. Here done installing curbs, laid paving slabs, completed installation of the lamps lampshades lighting, work on laying cable lines, laying turf, finishing parapets gathering on the street. Leningrad architectural concrete, made markings in the parking lot, ammunition and equipment installed on the sports field, have completed work on the playground.

9. Reconstruction of the waterfront in Rostov-on-Don


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