Reconstruction of Kiev waterfront

After the reconstruction of Kiev embankment is changed — changed the broken asphalt tile, from the road embankment is now separate beds. Through the pedestrian area bicyclists ride. At night, bright lights illuminate the promenade. 








On the Dnieper embankment there were two sculptures dedicated to the Baptism of Rus.

In the arches on the retaining wall of the waterfront set figure of John the Baptist and St. Vladimir.

  • sculpture of St. John the Baptist / Photo: News
  • sculpture of St. John the Baptist / Photo: News

Authors on the background created the sculpture

  • Vladimir sculpture / Photo: News
  • Vladimir sculpture / Photo: News

At home in Kiev rose wood and fields appear

On the street Chrysostom, 53, a new street-art design. Image created Kiev artists in the project, initiated by the patrons.…erevo-i-pojavilas-poljanaOn the wall of the Kiev home "alive" Viktor Tsoi

To the 23 anniversary of the death of the leader of the "Cinema" in the courtyard on the wall Hrushevskoho 4b opened Viktor Tsoi. Now, on the wall, a black-and-white portrait of the iconic musician. Photo by S. Kharchenko, "Vesti"

As an afterparty opening concert took place in the courtyard.…ogo-doma-ozhil-viktor-coj 

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