Reconstruction of the road Selikhino — Nicholas — on — Amur

The road Selikhino — Nicholas — on — Amur refers to the importance of the territorial roads and is the only year-round road connecting the towns of Komsomolsk, Ulchsky Nicholas and administrative areas with regional center.
Highway Selikhino Nicholas-on-Amur today has a length of 589 km. Reconstruction of the road is carried out between km 412 — km 446.

October 14, 2010 the grand opening of traffic on the highway Selikhino — Nikolayev between km 430 — km 446.

October 6, 2011 completed the reconstruction of the road section Selikhino — Nicholas — on — Amur, 412 km — 430 km length of 17.47 km.


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