Reconstruction of the Soviet highway in Novosibirsk

The Soviet highway — the two-lane road length of 9.5 kilometers, connecting Zatulinsky zhilmassiv (Kirov region) with neighborhoods ObGES (Soviet region). In this line itself is completely outside of Novosibirsk and connects the city to the village Krasnoobsk (Agricultural Sciences).



The existing infrastructure of the Soviet highway is designed for traffic from 2 to 6,000 vehicles a day the real situation at the moment — about 25 thousand cars a day. After the reconstruction of the bandwidth of the Soviet highway will be 36 thousand cars a day.


Work on this line began in 2009, completed in 2010, laying new pavement from ObGES exit at Michurinsky paragraph (3 kilometers). From the ring to the streets of Agricultural Sciences Petukhov is 6 lanes. "

In 2011 — will be provided to the street through traffic Petukhov, and in 2012 will be put into operation traffic circle at the entrance to Krasnoobsk.
The whole road is worth 1.9 billion rubles. Reconstruction of the highway should be completed in 2012

On the new Soviet highway will be used Mast view of the support for the organization of lights — one unit between opposing lanes of traffic per unit of road length, instead of the two sides. The top layer of pavement is made of high-density asphalt, which had previously been used in Novosibirsk on utility bridge.
Construction in 2011

On August 2011 is scheduled commissioning of the next section of the reconstructed Soviet highway. Its length — 2.6 km. Reconstruction of the highway should be completed in 2012





Reconstruction is to turn the Soviet highway in a modern highway. In October 2010, opened to traffic in the first section (3 km away from the street. Maritime ObGES in the village before turning the freeze "Bridge"). According to the head of the Territorial Highway Administration (myAge) Gromenko Novosibirsk region of Constantine, the next section (2.6 km from the rotation to the interchange at VASKHNILe) will be opened to traffic in August 2011

Who is the general contractor construction company "Tsentrdorstroy" preparing land leaf and crushed stone base of the left half of the road. When this part of the highway will be paved with asphalt, it will switch the traffic, and the company will begin work on the right half of the highway. On the road separating the band will install lighting poles height of 20 meters on the sides of the metal barrier fence will be.

According to Constantine Gromenko, in 2011, the first section of the highway will be installed scoreboards with information to drivers about the weather conditions and recommended speed mode.

The next launch site — the reconstruction of 2.5 km of the road from the "vaskhnilovskogo" ring to the "Red East" (it will be a six-lane), and the construction of a two-level road junction on the spot "vaskhnilovskogo" ring. The cost of decoupling — 280 million rubles. Road workers are already preparations for its construction: transfer utilities (water, sewer, telephone cables). Constantine Gromenko said that the reconstruction of the highway will be completed, as planned, in 2012

However, a costly reconstruction will not solve the problem of traffic jams in the Soviet highway, if not built, another transportation — at the intersection with the street. Petukhov. The construction of this interchange is not included in the highway reconstruction project, and will pay him not from the budget of the Novosibirsk region, and from the treasury of the city of Novosibirsk.

Earlier, First Deputy Mayor of Novosibirsk Andrew Ksenzov estimated the cost of a two-level interchange at this location is 1.1 billion rubles. Mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky said "DK" is now working on options to create isolation level with the upland move through tracks. As a result of cost savings of about 400 million rubles. According to the mayor, is already preparing the project documentation to the next year to begin construction.

The Soviet highway

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