RECORD-aircraft engines PS-90A has turned out 3,000,000 hours

PS-90 has turned out 3,000,000 hours


The total operating "on the wing" of the park main engine of the Russian civil aviation PS-90A, manufactured by JSC "Perm Engine Company", surpassed 3,000,000 hours. This indicator has a unique gift for the 20th anniversary from the date of certification of the PS-90A in April 1992.

Currently, the aircraft engine used by 82 mainline aircraft to 11 domestic and 5 foreign airlines. During all the years of operation of the PS-90A continuously been crafted constructively improved its production process, which has greatly improved the reliability and increase the resource. Hours leader of PS-90A exceeded 38,000 hours since new.

At the beginning of April 2012 is another significant milestone overcame a modified version of the PS-90 — PS-90A-76. Engine modifications for the first time this has turned out "on the wing" of the IL-76TD-90 in the airline "Silk Way Airlines" without removing the repair of more than 9 thousand hours. The leader continues to operate the motor, on April 12 he was operating time of 9017 hours. PS-90A76 was certified in 2003 and produced by PMR since 2004. It is defined as the main engine for the new military transport aircraft and civil aviation Russia — IL-476, the first flight is scheduled for June of this year.

Aleksey Mikhalev, managing director of OJSC "Perm Engine Company", commented, "PS-90 — the main product of our factory, its gas generator provides the basis for a number of modifications as aircraft engines and gas turbines used by oil and gas companies and energy. Expansion of its production and the improvement of production technology, we attach great importance. Our priority is the implementation of a state contract for the production in the years 2012-2020 more than 500 PS-90A76 commissioned by the United Aircraft Corporation for future transport aircraft IL-476. This will load the production capacity and ensure appropriate the pace of development and modernization of the Perm Motor Plant in preparation for the development of mass production engine fifth-generation PD-14.

Total PMZ were produced 370 PS-90A four versions: PS-90, PS-90A1, 90A2-PS, PS-90A-76, which are operated on Il-96-300, Il-96-400T, Tu-204, Tu-214, Il-76TD-90, Il-76MF.

OJSC "Perm Engine Company" — a serial manufacturer of aircraft engines for civil and military aviation, industrial gas turbines for power generation and gas transport. "PMZ" is part of "management company" United Engine Building Corporation "- 100% specialized subsidiary of OJSC" United Industrial Corporation "Oboronprom" for engine assets.

JSC "OPK" Oboronprom "- multi-profile industrial and investment group established in 2002. Included in the GC" Russian Technologies ". Main activities: helicopter building (OJSC" Russian Helicopters "), engine (JSC" MC "UEC").

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