Record heat in the Arctic!

September 11, 2013. We already wrote about the climatic vagaries of autumn 2013, and indeed, it took only ten days of September, and in the bank of the phenomena of the season and has already proved lilacs blooming in Tver, and snowfall in the mountains of Sochi …

The apotheosis anomaliynosti processes in the atmosphere temperature record was set yesterday in Murmansk! On the periphery of the Scandinavian anticyclone to the Kola Peninsula rushed very warm air from Central Europe, and in the afternoon, the thermometer in the capital of the Russian Arctic have risen to +19.5 °. By the way, it's only 2-3 degrees cooler than indicated on Tuesday at the Black Sea coast of Russia.

Today, on the Kola Peninsula is still warm, but the cloud cover gradually compacted, increasing wind, so the chances of continuing the series record low.

Source: Meteovesti


Instead of the heating season? summer heat records

September 11, 2013. Usually in these days of September in Murmansk, the average daily temperature is reduced to eight, and the heating season begins. But until late autumn in no hurry in the Arctic. In contrast, in the Murmansk region in summer is warm and comfortable.

In the daytime temperature reaches 20 and even covers records. For example, on Tuesday, 10 September, in Murmansk air warmed up to 19.5, higher than the previous absolute maximum of the day (18.9) recorded in 2011.

For comparison, in Moscow on that day was only 15, Tambov? 16, Volgograd? 18. Only Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Astrakhan could compete with the polar capital of Russia.

The cause of divergent anomalies was blocking the usual western transfer. Over the European territory of Russia is dominated by the meridional circulation pattern, which is bringing warm subtropical north and tighten the arctic cold to the south.

Source: News Gismeteo

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