Record the depth of the well drilled at the Sakhalin-1

In this case, the previous record of drilling wells with large departure from the vertical also belonged to this oil and gas project

Record the depth of wells drilled during the implementation of the "Sakhalin-1". At the same time, and the previous record of drilling with large departure from the vertical also belonged to this oil and gas project.
The day before, on August 27 the consortium project "Sakhalin-1", which is operated by the company "ENL", announced the successful completion of drilling at Chayvo very well the depth of the trunk which was 12 thousand 376 meters (40 thousand 604 feet).

Record set developed through "ExxonMobil" Fast Drill Process (Fast Drill) technology and comprehensive quality control of drilling, which takes into account many factors, including the hardness and stress in rocks and hydraulic characteristics of the barrel. Drilling technology with a large deviation from the vertical allows drilling from the shore below the bottom of the sea to the oil and gas reservoirs safe and environmentally responsible manner. 

"We are proud of this achievement, which continued successful implementation of our outstanding project — said the president" ENL "James Taylor. — Six out of ten of the longest holes in the world, including the Z-44 well, drilled in Russia for the project" Sakhalin-1 "using drilling technology" ExxonMobil. "It is very important that this great achievement was performed with excellent safety performance and environmental protection."

OPF is one of the three fields of the "Sakhalin-1". It is located to the north-east coast of Sakhalin Island in eastern Russia, in a region that is among the most difficult to work in sub-Arctic regions of the world.

The project "Sakhalin-1" is carried out by an international consortium, which includes the "ENL" (operator, 30% interest), a Japanese consortium "SODEKO" (30%), subsidiary company "Rosneft", "RN-Astra" (8, 5%) and "SMNG-Shelf" (11.5%) and Indian "ONGC Videsh Limited" (20%).

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