Record traffic on the Northern Sea Route

As predicted BarentsObserver, this summer after a sluggish start navigating cargo on the Northern Sea Route broke the record last year. 

The total amount of goods transported by the Northern Sea Route, already nearly 200,000 tons more than in the whole of last season, according to recent data Rosatomflota. 35 ships carried a total of 1,022,577 tons of cargo between Europe and Asia, and in fact navigation continues.

For five months of navigation 2011 34 ships carried a total of 820,789 tons.Navigation can last for one month. In 2011, the last ship was in the Pacific Ocean on November 18 — it was the longest navigation on the Northern Sea Route in its history.

This year the ice conditions in the Arctic is even more favorable for navigation, as sea ice retreats to unprecedented levels.

19 out of 35 ships proceeded from west to east, 16 — in the opposite direction. 20 vessels transporting bulk cargoes, 4 — bulk, 1 — fish. Five ships proceeded in ballast overtake another five, including a Chinese icebreaker "Syuelun."

In 2012, the prevailing share of cargo on the Northern Sea Route are oil products. 20 vessels have transported 590,000 tons of diesel oil, gas condensate, kerosene and other fuels and lubricants. The largest cargo delivered one vessel — 66,462 tons of kerosene, transported from Yeosu, South Korea, in Porvoo, Finland, the Norwegian tanker "Marika".  

Iron ore is shipped from Murmansk to China four times this summer. Two bulk carrier Danish company «Nordic Bulk Carriers» «Nordic Odyssey» and «Nordic Orion» moved from Murmansk to Huanghua 261,903 tons of iron ore concentrate.  

Only once used the Northern Sea Route for the transport of fish. Refrigerator «Skayfrost" delivered 8265 tons of frozen fish from Kamchatka to St. Petersburg.    

The navigation on the Northern Sea Route is not yet complete. Currently, according to Rosatomflota, on the way from Europe to Asia is three vessels in the opposite direction — one thing.

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