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"Rostov" away from defeat in the final seconds of the game with the "Values", giving the course of the entire match, and set a new Russian record in the first division by number unbeaten. Spring game with "Values" turned out for the "Rostov" perhaps the most difficult in the first round. Sergiu Podpalov demonstrated that leadership ambitions Rostovites afraid they are not going. Drew 1-1, earned the "yellow-blue" after the penalty spot then those same ambitions and put into question. Later, however, was a series of victories that rehabilitated the "Rostov" in front of their fans, but the fight with the "Values" firmly "sat down" in the memory of many fans Rostovites. [Cut] opening match of the second round is almost a carbon copy repeated bout four months ago. But about all details. The game started at a low pace. The home side tried to take control of the ball, but the "yellow-blue" strongly suppress these efforts, actively pressinguya over the entire area of the field. The main threat at the "Values" came from the flanks, but to cope with the Circassians and debuted in the "Rostov" Denisov, the hosts did not work. Goal came out of the blue. Prior to this episode, "Values" is not something that does not threaten the gate Rostovites, and even to them or approaching. Double-edged game aspen and Molosh Yevstigneev referee judged in favor of the latter. The ball, which was started Molosh almost the center of the field, caught by surprise Gerus simply did not expect that the ball will fly into the net. So "Values" took the lead. Despite missing a funny ball, "Rostov" is still played poorly in the attack. The need to strengthen the front line just asking. But before the break, Oleg Dolmatov replacements are not made using the reserve only at the beginning of the second half, when on the left Kireev, replacing the sluggish who played Ivanova. With the release of linebacker play at the "yellow-blue" attack normal. Almost at the first serious fallout "Rostov" had to equalize, but his Dyadyuna line with the goalkeeper parried Vavilin. After that, the guests continued to play an active, but to really worry Vavilina not in a hurry. Unsuccessful attempts wards Dolmatova equalize with the game could be replaced by strict observance of standard regulations, which "Rostov" has earned enough. But the shock Kireyeva, Ivanov and twice Aspen with frightening regularity lacked precision. Only by the end of the match, "Rostov", meaning that ever close to the first defeat of the season began to play for real attacker leadership football. Moments Akhmetovich, Kozhanova, Kozlov could be more than enough to not only equalize, but pull out a victory, but the ball stubbornly refused to go to the gate well played Vavilina. A few seconds before the end of the fight, speaking the language of basketball — "with the sound of sirens," Kulchiy took the game over, burst into the penalty area, where he was shot down. Yevstigneev unhesitatingly pointed to the spot, turning over all the anger Novotroitskye 4 thousand fans. Penalties implemented aspen, and put an end once again confirmed the effect of deja vu, who was present throughout the match. [I] «Values" — "Rostov" — 1:1 Goals: Molosh, 16 (1-0), aspen, 90 +4 — with a penalty (1:1) "Values" (Novotroick) Vivilin, BUDNIKOV, Lungu , Molosh, Oleinik, Surodin, Pazin (Semenov, 57), Savenas (Kokoyev 76), Rozhkov, Janchuk (Emelyanov, 65), Germash (Lebedev, 73) "Rostov" (Rostov-on-Don) Gerus, Denisov , Zivanovic, Circassian, Shtaniuk, Kulchiy, Dyadyun Ivanov (Kireev, 46), Astafjevs (Akhmetovich, 60), leather (Kozlov, 74), Aspen. Warning: BUDNIKOV, 34, Shtaniuk, 45 +1, 46 Astafev, Kireev, 84, Semenov, 89. Judge: A.Evstigneev (Korolev) on July 26. Novotroick. Stadium "Metallurg". 4000 spectators. +37 Degrees. [/ I]

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