Record Uralvagonzavod

Never before Uralvagonzavod did not produce such a large number of cast parts cars a month

November at the head office of corporation — Uralvagonzavod was successful for the upstream and downstream enterprises, but especially good work has been featured metallurgists. This was the result held for the past 30 days a month of quality, whose main objective was to improve the quality of products in the shops of metallurgical production.

The results were summarized at the meeting of the Executive Directorate Deputy Director General Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" Vladimir Shmakov. Vladimir thanked the entire staff of metallurgical shops Uralvagonzavod and voiced strong performance in November, which was achieved thanks to campaigns. For example, compared with October, the number of defective parts, "Rama side" was at less than 724 units, and its output was increased to 900 units.

Total in November metallurgists Company were issued in 1630 or 407 parts car sets, which is a clear record of performance. Return of more than 320 million rubles. The results of the campaign were summed every day, and on the basis of their weekly winning team was revealed to the promotion in the form of cash prizes. For these purposes from the budget Corporation has contributed more than half a million rubles.

In addition, as a result of the activities proved that today Uralvagonzavod casting is one of the best in the CIS and the high level of work and technological discipline, good quality scrap. And after a large-scale reconstruction of metallurgical production, which is already well underway in the enterprise, castings mark "Uralvagonzavod" will not have competitors in the post-Soviet space. The plans to upgrade — install three modern molding machines in the next year, the transition from open-hearth furnaces to electric arc furnaces and other activities.

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