Records of Agriculture

Simply quote the transcript of the meeting … well … the same organization.

ChiefThank you. Victor A., we have due to the large crop (and thank God that we have such a harvest) any question to be decided: it is the price of agricultural products, transportation and harvest this year … for the intervention fund. I would ask you to say a few words about how it works in practice and about the transport of agricultural products by rail. Please.

DeputyThank you … in view of the fact that this year’s production did rise significantly: 97 million tons of grain in bunker weight and 48 million tonnes of sugar beet. This crop has never been

48 million tons?

Deputy48 million tons

Chief: First they said 45 million tonnes

DeputyYes, say 40-41 million tonnes, it is now about 48 million tonnes and cleaning is not over yet. I must say, that last year was 19.9 million tonnes of sugar beet.

This suggests that this year we can completely abandoned, and, most of all, we will reject the import of raw sugar. And the amount of sugar that we can produce, we have enough to harvest the new year, a new crop of sugar beets.

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