Records of salmon production in the Far East Basin fisheries in 2011

Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Vasily Sokolov held in phone mode, the intercom next staff meeting salmon season. Recall that in the meetings attended by the heads of the Far Eastern Federal Fisheries Agency regional offices, branch research institutes, regional leaders and representatives of the Border Guard Service of Russia.
As of July 21, the volume of production of salmon fisheries in the Far East Basin exceed the record 2009 figure by 16%, to 135.4 thousand tons.

Salmon "crop" is growing rapidly
By July 21 Far Eastern companies have mastered more than 135 tons of salmon, which is 16% above the previous bumper-crop 2009

As RIA at the center of public relations Fishery Agency, as of July 21, the total catch of salmon in the Far East basin exceeds the figure in 2009 to a record 18.7 million tons, accounting for 135.4 thousand tons.

Kamchatka fishermen have mastered about 107 tons of salmon, which is 16.4 thousand tons more than the result for the same period in 2009 Sakhalin salmon production is also going ahead: caught 19.6 thousand tons to 14 thousand tonnes in the previous crop years. In the Magadan region inferior to catch before last year and is 7.3 tons. In the Chukchi Autonomous District produced 409.8 tons (239 tons compared to 2009), in the Khabarovsk Territory — 1.2 million tonnes (1.9 tons). Fishermen caught Primorye 4.3 tons of red fish, exceeding on 21 July 2009 by 1.1 tons.

Experts estimate the fish to our shores every year, more suitable, it seems, and suggests that it was possible to find the right approach to sound reproduction of resources.

According to preliminary data of recent studies, only with Sakhalin rivers this year has slipped to sea unusually high number of young salmon — about 2 billion units, instead of the traditional 1.5 billion.

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