Recycling plant worth 70 million USD. launched in Rivne

June 25 in Rivne was inaugurated recycling plant. This is the first industrial facility of its kind in Western Ukraine. With his help they want to give up the natural gas in the production of cement by JSC "Volyn-Cement".


According to the head of Rivne Vladimir Khomko, the plant built solely for investment money on a public-private partnership. For investors, the new plant cost 70 million USD. The expected capacity of the facility is 120,000 tons of household waste per year. Authors of the project company "UKREKO-INDUSTRY" provide that the plant will recycle garbage not only from Rivne landfills, but also from neighboring areas. So instead of expensive imported gas cement plant "Volyn-Cement" will be able to use the sorted waste.

Oleg Proskuryakov, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, believes that this is an important first step in waste management in Ukraine. Based on this project in the country are planning to implement, and the like. He said the officials also plan to meet with investors to become familiar with the details of their experiences. Approach to new projects will be individual. Somewhere will build recycling plants and waste incineration facilities somewhere. The Minister said that it is very important here is to support the government. According to him, if you do not build these objects now, then soon Ukraine will drown in the trash.

The new plant — the second phase of the innovative energy saving project. By 2015, foreign investors are planning to spend it on more than 300 million euros. Due to the introduction of the first stage 93% of imported energy resources in the production of cement could replace coal. This has reduced natural gas consumption by 14 times.

The second phase of the project actually involves the processing and use of municipal solid waste. New waste treatment plant is designed for sorting, grinding debris and production of this raw material "fluff" (alternative fuel). This fuel is half the price. They plan to replace the 40% used in PJSC "Volyn-Cement" coal. For businesses, this means annual savings (about one million euros) and the reduction of production costs by 15%.

Vasily Bertash, RSA chairman, insists that such innovations will make products of JSC "Volyn-Cement"

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