Red Barricades sent a support base TSC to site

October 8, the support base of the central processing platform — the last time setting in the sea to the field development of V. Filanovskogo — left the shipyard waters "Red Barricades".

Previously, the customer — the oil company "Lukoil" factory passed the supporting base platform accommodation module and Riser block. The construction of the topsides for these facilities will continue in the next year.

The support portion CTP consists of two independent basic blocks, which are three-dimensional steel structure with vertical and inclined walls, weight — about 6,000 tons. Roll forming each base held for two days. Launched under the support bases have brought transport pontoon for further follow-up on the field named after V. Filanovskogo with setting "to the drilling." On the deposit base stands will be installed on the ground with the help of zakolnyh piles and will be waiting for the actual central processing platform.

The order for the construction of substructures factory "Red Barricades" received from the company "Global Strojinzhiniring" in terms of outsourcing. Earlier this year, the factory "Red Barricades" went to the customer the following items:

  • Caspian Driller («Caspian Driller") — a unique floating plant, built by order of Turkmenistan;
  • two support unit supporting base floating apartment complex and Riser block for oil field after V. Filanovskogo.

Letting the support bases of the central processing platform has become a large-scale end of the first phase of construction for the field named after V. Filanovskogo. In 2014, the continued construction of the superstructure floating accommodation module. Also, the plant has won a tender for the construction of another floating accommodation module for the deposit of V. Filanovskogo and overpass with PZHM on CTP.

Recall that in the construction of facilities for the development of the field of V. Filanovskogo in the Caspian Sea, which leads Lukoil, are active all the advanced Astrakhan shipyard. Shipyard "Lotus" passed in May, the support bases for offshore platform (LSP-1) — the first object of the field development, which is already installed in the sea. The construction of the superstructure LFA-1 now goes to the parent site of "Caspian Energy" — Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association.

It is planned that production drilling at the V. Filanovskogo will begin in 2014 and production of oil — at the end of 2015.

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