Red Boiler 3 knots produced by the boiler TP-100 Burshtynsk TPP (Ukraine)

"Red Boiler" (the main production site of "EMA") produced three units for boiler TP-100 Burshtynsk TPP (PAO "Zapadenergo"). Weight of the control stage of the secondary superheater, primary superheater headers and wall panels of radiation superheater was about 100 tons.

A contract for the upgrade and modernization of boiler TP-100 power unit number 5 Burshtynsk TES "EMA" and the customer signed in November 2011. In accordance with the document "EMA" carries out design work on 12 sites boiler manufacturing and supplying 7 units weighing 350 tons, and carries out supervision of installation of equipment at the ready in the field.
Manufacturer of products for Burshtynsk TPP — Taganrog Boiler-Making Works "Red boilermaker." Specialists of the company produced three nodes of the seven planned. The remaining surface of the heating and collector are in the works. Complete the shipment of products to the customer, it is planning in November-December 2012.
The new equipment will increase the installed capacity of electric power and reduce fuel consumption.  
Recall, two years before "Red Boiler" participated in the reconstruction of unit number 7 Burshtynsk TPP. At SCC were made four of regenerative air heater RVP-54m2.

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