Red Boiler Burshtynsk shipped equipment for thermal power station (Ukraine)

"Red Boiler" (the main production site of "EMA", which is part of the power engineering concern "Power Machines") has completed delivery of boiler units within the modernization of power equipment for thermal power plants Burshtynsk (Ukraine). The total weight of products sent to the station, more than 300 tons.

The contract for the manufacture and supply of equipment for Burshtynsk TES "EMA" and LLC "Donetskenergoremont" signed in November 2011. In accordance with the document "EMA" committed to complete the project and deliver the equipment for modernization of power number 5 Burshtynsk TPP (PAO DTEK "Zapadenergo").
Among the major components that are sent to the station — regulating the secondary superheater stage in four mines, hot and cold screens in four mines with mikrokollektorami, packages the input stage of the secondary superheater together with inlet and outlet manifolds in the third and fourth mines.
Equipment manufactured with the latest technical solutions will enhance the technical and economic performance of power and reliability of the plant as a whole.

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