Red Boiler equipment for ships Izhevsk CHPP-1


Taganrog Boiler Plant "Red Boiler" (the main production site of "EMA", which is part of the power engineering group OAO "Power Machines") has shipped a large consignment of equipment to Izhevsk CHPP-1 (branch of JSC "TGC-5"). At the customer’s address sent thirteen knots recovery boiler weighing more than 1 million tons. Among the large range of supply: the main entrance and flues, second and fourth units of the recovery boiler, the drums of high and low pressure segments of the drawer side of chimney.


The contract for the design, manufacture and supply of waste heat boiler for the power unit PGU-230 Izhevsk CHPP-1 weighing more than 1,600 tons of "EMA" and IES-Holding signed in June 2011. Work on the design of the equipment carried out by specialists of Barnaul engineering center "EMAlliance" licensed U.S. company NOOTER / ERIKSEN, INC. Made major components of the recovery boiler at the Taganrog Boiler Plant.


Shipment of equipment for Izhevsk CHPP-1 passes gradually. Complete the sending node recovery boiler for this station to the "Red Kotelshchik" plan before the end of 2012. Recall boilers of this type employ heat of the gas turbine exhaust gases to generate steam which is then fed to a steam turbine. This technology offers high efficiency combined-cycle plant.


Construction of new power Izhevsk CHPP-1 in the gas turbines of 167 MW waste heat boiler and steam turbine capacity of 63 MW is in accordance with the priority investment project IES-Holding on the reconstruction of the oldest power plant in Udmurtia. Its implementation will allow four times to increase the installed capacity of the plant and the decommissioning of obsolete equipment, as well as significantly increase the supply of electricity and thermal energy in the region of Izhevsk. Total power unit of 230 MW, heat — 157 Gcal / h


"Power Machines" in the framework of the agreement signed in 2010, delivered on the Izhevsk CHPP-1 set of equipment consisting of a gas turbine GTE-160, the generator capacity of 180 MW and the excitation system to it, the automatic control system gas turbine (GT ACS) integrated air pollution control devices (CACD) and the gas turbine auxiliary equipment. To date, the main equipment, except for the generator stator and filtering system, and is manufactured at the plant. Shipment of the stator will be held in the near future. KVOU at the request of the customer will be accepted for safekeeping.


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