Red Boiler equipment shipped to Zaporizhzhya TPP


Taganrog Boiler Plant "Red Boiler" manufactured and shipped eight dust and gas burners for block number 3 Zaporizhzhya TPP (Ukraine). New equipment weighing 63 tons will set in the boiler furnace TPP-312A. Burners shut down the range of products for the third unit of the plant. Previously, customers were shipped heating surfaces and parts of regenerative air.

In accordance with the agreement signed in November 2011, "EMA" committed to design, manufacture and supply to the burner and the heating surface and parts regenerative vozduhopodogrevatelyamdlya block number 3 Zaporizhzhya TPP (PJSC "DTEK Dniproenergo"). The design work carried out by specialists of the engineering center "EMA" (Taganrog). Manufactured equipment Taganrog Boiler Plant "Red Boiler."

The peculiarity of this project — the use in the construction of burners swirl unit axial type with adjustable features. The angle of the vanes apparatus can vary during adjustment by the actuator mounted on the body of the burner. In this case, it is possible to influence the performance of such boiler furnace as slagging, corrosion, environmental parameters.

Also, the design of the equipment provided durable surfacing materials of all elements of the torch, abrasion-prone coal flow. This solution will improve the lifetime maintenance-free operation of the burners.

The burners are designed to burn gas Donetsk coal brand GSSH and natural gas in the boiler furnace TPP-312A. The new equipment will provide for reliable operation in a wide range of loads.

Earlier, the "Red Boiler" was involved in the technical re-equipment of TPP-312A boiler unit number 1Zaporozhskoy TPP. In particular, the station set pylegazovyh eight burners.

"Taganrog Boiler-Making Works" Red Boiler "(the main production asset of" EMA ", which is part of the power engineering group OAO" Power Machines ") — one of the largest power engineering industry of the country. Every fourth plant in Russia, the Commonwealth has a boiler equipment "Red boilermaker." References foreign and domestic supplies of equipment with the brand SCC number in the hundreds. The unique experience allows the company to successfully meet the challenges of reconstruction and modernization, installation supervision and supervision of commissioning, diagnostics and servicing power equipment of any technical difficulties. Supplies of power equipment in Russia, CIS and abroad government awards. "Red Boiler" — a unique team of engineers, skilled workers, professionals in the field of organization and management. Knowledge, experience, qualifications Taganrog kotlostroiteley allow the company to solve problems of any complexity, and consumers — to get reliable equipment.

JSC "Alliance Energy Machine" ("EMA"), part of the power engineering group OAO "Power Machines"— One of the largest Russian power industry, having international experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of a complete boiler island equipment for thermal power, including the enforcement of contracts, "turnkey" (EPC). "EMAlliance" owns 77.33% of the ordinary shares of SCC "Red Boiler" and 100% of the shares of one of Europe’s largest companies for the production of boiler and heat exchange equipment "DuroDakovic" ("DzhuroDzhakovich") (Croatia). Engineering branches "EMA" located in Taganrog, Podolsk, Barnaul and Ivanovo. Today, the company is able to create a boiler steam capacity from 100 to 4000 tons of steam per hour (including equipment for pre-, super-and ultra supercritical steam), owns a technology design and production of waste-heat boilers for combined cycle, designing and implementing complete equipment for waste incineration plants and processing plants of biofuels continues to work on technologies in the field of renewable energy systems, flue gas cleaning, coal gasification, SCC. C in February 2012 included in OAO "Power Machines".

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