Red Boiler manufactured equipment for the Tripoli TPP (Ukraine)

Taganrog Boiler-Making Works "Red boilermaker" (The main production site of "EMA", which is part of the power engineering concern "Power Machines") begins to supply components for boiler TPP-210A Trypilian TPP. The contract for the reconstruction of the Tripoli TPP between the "EMA" and "Centrenergo" concluded in April 2012.

  • Convective superheater
  • Convective superheater

Weight of the first batch of equipment sent to the station — more than 130 tons. Total will be sent to the station about 500 tons. The range of products shipped are: convective superheater ND collector housing, overflow pipe of the water-cooled outboard superheater high and low pressure, and details of metal plating, body bags, etc.Tripolskaya CHP with an installed capacity of 1,800 MW is the largest power-generating facilities in the Kyiv region. The equipment manufactured by the Taganrog kotlostroitelyami comes to modernization of power the Tripoli TPP. The aim of the reconstruction is to improve performance, reliability, security, extend equipment life, and reduced emissions to the level of European standards.

Also, "Red Boiler" continues the shipment of equipment to the following stations: Mosenergo TEC-16, TEC-20, Berezovskaya GRES Novobogoslovskaya TPP, TPP-1 Izhevsk, Kirov CHPP-3. At the moment, shipped more than 1.2 million tons of finished products.

In the near future, "Red Boiler" is getting ready to complete the shipment of Cherepovets GRES. Last 4 th module (4-blocks) HRSG weighing more than 300 tons. The total weight of the equipment for this plant will be more than 3.5 tons.

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